New Dad, Jealous Mother, Angry Wife, I hate Facebook

Tell your mom to shut up. Once a week is plenty. Obviously your wife will be spending more time with her own mother, that’s just how it is.

If your mom wants more baby time then she needs to put in more effort to be friends with your wife. When my son was a baby, my mom would come over just about every day. My mother in law and I were already on good terms, but she made the effort of coming over to do the dishes and throw something in the slow cooker without the expectations of seeing the baby. Of course I would always invite her to stay and hold him, and she would for about a half hour then leave because she understood my mom and I were obviously closer and made it a point not to guilt trip anyone.

Fast forward four years and my own mother as passed away, and mother in law is now the only grandma, so you never know how things like that will go. She and I are very close (as I am with all my in laws, I got very lucky), as are she and my son. My son and I frequently do lunches, target runs, or just hang out at our or her house without my husband. Her facilitating that relationship with help in the beginning was clutch.

As far as football goes, I’m a Clevelander too and that probably isn’t helping your mood any. Spend that time praying we have enough Indians left to make it to October.

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