New Denial CEO Suspended On Twitter - Did I Miss Something?!

The fucking show I have actually no idea who you are. It was brought to my attention by a somewhat relevant person in the gaming industry for the last 15 years that you were bad-mouthing me on Team The last time I was on a forum I was 15. You look like a grown ass man. You got a fucking problem @ me. You wanna call me a scam which is hilarious you're talking about our Facebook likes we launched our Facebook I don't know a month ago? My Facebook has more likes than your fucking Twitter you goddamn nobody. If you've got a fucking issue with me you got an issue with one of my employees @ me next time or come see me I'm at every fucking event I sanction players I hire employees and I pay all of them. If there's a fucking issue come see me. I'm 6' 4" fully fucking tatted and I will smack the fuck out you boy

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