New Driver in Indiana. Need advice?

Since I give the inside of the engines a thorough cleaning and vacuum one a year, I can see where a hose need replacing well before it becomes a more expensive problem.

I do the same with my 17 year old engine bay so that I can see any problems.

I'm a woman and I'm on a mission

This may come as a shock, but not all guys were born with a diploma in cars, guns, knives, sports and chewin' tobacco.

I'm a guy who how to learn nearly everything as an adult from YouTube.

I brought my car in for an inspection. The independent car repair shop said my steering fluid needed to be changed. $130.

I didn't have the time and said no. I had no idea where the power steering fluid was. YouTube taught me. I changed the power steering fluid for $14.

The fluid didn't need changing -- they just wanted to fleece me. Being a guy didn't allow me into the good ol' boys club. They were going to screw me over just as quickly as a woman. They wanted to do $300 of other invented repairs.

Nah, I've stopped changing my oil. I used to be able to change the oil by getting under my old Jeep with ramps but now I don't have the room for ramps. Besides, it's a once a year, or every other year job. On the Pareto chart, me changing the oil is at the bottom of the list for saving money.

I bought a Miele C3 vacuum and I LOVE MY VACUUM SO MUCH

I have a Dyson V8 and another type (better than the Dyson) for upstairs. I vacuum the traveled areas every single day.

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