Actually som of the anonymous players mentioned here in this post recently reached out to me as well after this post was posted. I never got a password. But they said that a T3/Royalty benefit has been put in whatever that means. Also PvP rules have been changed in som new anounsment saying that as a player you now have more freedom to determine what is and isn't Rp. That means points made in this post was true. Would like to also say that som people have been wrongfully banned accused for being part of this exposure, so I think the admins are covering something up and banning people from discord and server left and right also that reasons for doing so is becous people have Opinions and express those opinions.Like I said I never got a password just information. Also sad to hear the owner has stepped down. Maby the Culprits are still there, ore maby they have friends who are still there. But whatever happened on the server in this case pissed off alot of players.

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