New here. Measuring in at 28D/DD

You may actually find that you are closer to a 28DD, based on your measurements and depending on whether you are more round or conical. Then again, having very soft tissue might mean erring more toward 28D. I suggest buying the same bra in both sizes to see which works better for you.

Nordstroms probably won't have any 28 bands in the store, but you can buy them online (free shipping) and return them for free or even return them to any store location (which is what I did and is awesome).

I am not very experienced with bras in this size range yet (I am newly sized around 26DD/28D myself -- and I was in disbelief that my 34A bras were THAT wrong, too), but if you are spaced wide apart and like unlined bras, you might like one that I have tried from Nordstrom's website. If your breasts are closer together, don't bother with this one. ( ) I bought it in 28D (and it also comes in 28DD) but I think it may run a tad bit large in the cups, which would be good for you. I was close to fitting, but I had some wrinkling of the fabric and some gaps at the top of the cup. But each your measurements are roughly two inches larger than mine, and you're probably fuller and more projected on top than I am, so I'm thinking the 28D would either be a good fit, or it will be too small. But like I said, only if your breasts are wide-set and not close together.

I can't really suggest anything else personally because my only other 28D bra trial so far was too small (or not the right shape) for me. Hopefully others will cover the recommendations better than I can.

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