New holster! Alien Gear Shapeshift 4.0 IWB.

Meh...halfway in and I already disagree with most of what's been said.

  1. He jams his finger 2 inches into the holster and pulls the trigger....ok not sure what that proves. The trigger on the mini tuck has never appeared remotely compromised I nthis fashion and I can't see how it risks going off in everyday use.

  2. Says you can't draw with a proper full grip on the firearm...that's objectively not true. It is identical to the numerous full kydex holsters I have...

  3. It has bad retention as the leather gets older and the entire design is made so that as the leather is pushed up against your side creating tension in the kydex part. His example of no retention while holding the holster is straight pointless. When the holster is in your pants with a tightened belt the gun has an audible thud sound where it locks in. No it's not a click like with all kydex but it's really solid. I have literally been upside down and the Glock I carry in mine has not come out.

Obviously this is an opinion with only my experience but a lot of what he said appears onjectily false.

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