New investor trying to decide what cryptocurrency to invest in

There probably isn’t a more controversial coin on this sub than XRP. There’s A LOT of misinformation passed around as fact over and over. I would suggest that any info you get (whether positive or negative) you attempt to corroborate with research...and by research, I don’t mean people’s opinions...I mean verifiable facts.

Most of the FUD around XRP is straight up lies.

I would recommend Galgitron’s blog if you’re not offended by sarcasm, as he tries to dispel the common myths about not only XRP, but POW coins.

I’m pro-XRP, but I’ll admit that there are legitimate concerns from a speculative standpoint: most notably, the supply held by Ripple and whether banks will actually use it. These are real concerns, and if you chose to invest you should be able to intellectually deal with these two issues.

I will say this. People think Ripple’s ownership of the majority of coins suppresses the price, but two solid projects and Reddit darlings (Iota and Nano) are fully distributed and are stuck price-wise. Also, the money Ripple makes goes into developing use cases (half a billion USD to date which doesn’t include Moneygram). I find this preferable to paying miners, and by proxy utility companies, who provide no lasting benefit to adoption. But that’s me. You’ll have to see if you can come to Jesus on this. Also, Ripple does appear to be finally making progress on getting banks on board, but much remains to be seen.

I’ve actually even thinking of doing a comprehensive analysis of where XRP is actually at, including debunking FUD and summarizing all the relevant issues that people who don’t follow XRP may have missed. Let me know if that’s something y’all would appreciate.

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