New khador player, need some help

I'm a new player as well, and I happen to not be very good at war games. I'm saving all my effort for mastering X-Wing, so I wanted an army with a straight forward tactic. That doesn't mean win button, that doesn't mean devoid of tactics, it means know what your doing every turn without unnecessary Rube Goldberg nonsense. BEAT. SOME. FACE. That's what I came for.

I have the models from the two player battle box, plus one manhunter, and a widowmaker marksman. I plan to expand but I want to do it cheaply and efficiently. Meaning, as I buy models, I can field them in lists right away as I build toward what I think I'm interested in playing later. I want high Arm, and/or Def. I want high Mat and/or P+S. One way or another, I want big numbers on my stat line. Warmachine seems to be a game that doesn't favor over specializing, and as much as I love my warjacks, I see the focus starvation pSorscha goes through with just 2. I'll do more jacks eventually, and I will get the WGDS eventually as well, but as I implied, I didn't come to Khador to make a ranged list. So with all that in mind, here is my current plan.

Sorscha1 (*5), Destroyer (9), Jugg (7), IFP (8), Black Dragon command (2), IF Kovnik (2), Widowmaker Marksman (2). That's 25 points.

I get melee, I get ranged, I get 'Jacks, a lil AoE, and a strong caster. Then I'll add: Widowmakers (4), Great Bears (5), Wardog (1), for a 35 point list. More ranged problem solving, MORE MELEE, and with the extra point, Doggies.

In either one of these lists I can easily swap Koldun Lord for the Widowmaker Marksman, If I decide I want to go with 'Jack efficiency that game. In both I'm leaving my MoW at home, because they cost to damn much. I use them ATM because they are what I have, but I won't the moment I have the rest of these models. I don't hate them, they just aren't what I need right now.

My interests and future plans include Butchers of all kinds, Irusk2, and Sorscha2. As I see it most of these models will stay relevant to those lists as I grow.

What do you guys think?

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