New MacBook Pro 2019 16" - display issue

The 16" is perhaps the best MacBook Pro Apple has made in years. It's been getting rave reviews from not only YouTubers, but from blog sites that generally criticize Apple. The only real issue talked about on Macrumors is ghosting where you get a small trailing of the image when you drag windows around in dark mode. That is not dedicated to the 16" because I had the 15" 2018 that did the exact same thing, so it's a non issue for most people. I now have the 16" and there's no difference.

Don't listen to anyone here saying "Many people are having issues with it". That's bullshit. Perhaps that's the Dell or Thinkpad crowd that are pissed this machine is getting so much positive attention with very few complaints. The OP has a unique issue and should just return/exchange it, as long as it wasn't physical damage.

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