New macOS 10.15 Music app code based on iTunes, not iOS

I tried using the Spoitfy desktop app in a windows machine and it was absolute balls.

Even not bringing up the terrible UI (I’ve heard it’s improved), the playlists are all amateur bullshit. You have to wade through hundreds of ‘Jimmy’s Electronic DopeMix’ with 17 marshmellow tracks and 1 aphex twin to get to anything interesting.

The curated playlists - both Apple Music Playlists and Curated lists by like record labels and artists - are absolutely killer.

You get right to the good stuff.

If you’re new into music maybe the avalanche of Spotify playlists seems appealing, but if you’ve been in the electronic music scene for decades you know what to look for.

Spotify isn’t it. Maybe they’ll get better, but Apple Music is the real shit and I love it.

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