New NYU Email Just Dropped

what action(s) can I take that limits my risk of getting Covid and getting badly sick from it?

dont be overweight - check i did that

exercise - check i did that

eat healthy - did that too.

you see, the reality is that for college students with out any serious health conditions, there is a statistically zero mortality rate.

and world wide, ONE person (an elderly) has died from omicron.

at this point, there are more negative health effects from lockdowns than anything else.

time to move on, lets us live our lives.

as for the vaccines, you do know that MORE people have died since we started vaccinating people (many more)

perhaps natural immunity and treatments like monoclonal anti-bodies would have been a better choice.

Either way, "trust the science" was the worst idea ever. The whole point of science is that you are supposed to question it. There is nothing more anti-science than "trust the science"

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