New Overtly Anti-Christian Show on Amazon: Humans upload their consciousness into a new "heaven" and constantly dismiss and belittle Christian views of Heaven.

Hi mizzy! I wanted to share some of my views on this show, which I saw. I agree there’s some issues that conflict within our religion, but I actually think it’s more pro-Christian than you think.

I would like to share a controversial, but hopefully not offensive view on the matter. After rereading verses within Matthew with my theology teacher over a Zoom call this past Monday, I asked a question relating to the afterlife.

Jesus describes the occurrence of mortals at Death who still possess sin to be ‘destruction’, not ‘Hell’ nor ‘torture’ or ‘damnation’. I found this word choice to be interesting and investigated more with my teacher. He informed that, indeed, there is a lack of mention of Heaven and Hell within the Old and New Testament because many Traditional Christians did not believe in Heaven or Hell.

Rather, if you read Ecclesiastes, Psalm, and other key verses, you’ll find that those who die free of sin turn to dust, their spirits at rest until G*d releases them back to Earth for resurrection, whereas total annihilation to spirits awaits those who have sin upon Death.

I understand this challenges the status quo of what we believe in Christianity, but it’s evidence is concrete; there, in the Bible! And so I think the producers were aware of this when making their show. They’ve explored the Bible out of respect and come to this conclusion, as have many other faithful Christians!

Additionally, you mentioned the fact that there is no morality in relation to God in any episode. I’m not gonna lie, Mizzy, you had me a little worried there! Once again, look into the passages of Psalm to find the answer. God gives us free will, for which we must discover what morality is ourselves. If your marker for morality is fear of His punishment, you aren’t practicing this religion correctly. If He did not exist (impossible, but lets say hypothetically) you would not become a serial murderer (I hope), you would still maintain your morals. And this is key to being a good Christian. He is not a threat to maintain good behavior, but motivation!

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