new owner fought two guys in their first weeks in

I get why you thought it was a cliche.

I grew up with a really good guy for a dad and a very strong last for a mother. The whole "get in the kitchen and make me a sandwich" thing was played for laughs in my household because my mom could have wiped the floor with my dad.

When I started working in the restaurant industry, I had the good fortune to work at a place with good people all around. It was kind of a refuge from other restaurants in the area for a lot of people. Which led to my friend Bridget saying, "We have good men working at this restaurant." Something that I hadn't considered. But being a part of that was so...proud. I wanted to be part of an environment that made female servers feel safe and welcome and respected and valued. I'm glad that Patrick and John and Eric and I could contribute to that.

I'm glad you got the support you needed.

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