As a new player, I feel like I'm the only person in the world who likes Lawyer.

Definitely no. There are many people out there that main Lawyer (including me) that aren't new to the game.

In gameplay terms, I would give him a solid 8 out of 10. Maybe he needs a slight buff, but I think that he is balanced and fun to play.

In terms of lore... Well, I need to agree that he had done some bad things. I mained him even before I readed his backstory and he will continue to be one of my mains.

Afer I finished to read his story I was sad because I mained an evil character. After some days, I came up with a headcanon story in which he was not so bad (even if I knew the original one). It had some things changed but it was roughly the same. That helped me to not feel bad about maining him.

He is very underrated. Mostly because people of the Identity V community misunderstand him and treat him like he is the worst human being ever.

(drown me in downvotes if you want, this is just my opinion)

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