New player, sitting in copper 5 right now. Some questions.

The issue when you start that low is your teammates.

I mean, right now they all are better than me, it's just that the ones in the enemy team are better than them sometimes.

As said, I'm a rather old fart and been playing competitive FPS since the early days of the counter strike mode and watching those folks play either in my team or the enemy team it's pretty obvious none of them actually belongs to the rank they are at.

Insane aim, super good and fluent movement, crosshair always on point, good map knowledge to know where to go to get what angle etc. ...and aggressively pushing to get what they want.

Meanwhile you have other players at the very same rank that have super wooden movement, hardly any aim, spraying and praying like their live depends on it and not hitting anything though.

In the end it just boils down to how those 2 type of players are distributed across the two teams.

In the vast majority of my matches I've played as a copper 5 so far 70-80% of the players ended the match with like 1:6 stats, and 1-2 had like 10:1 stats.

On one hand I do really appreciate the option to watch those people play and learn a thing or two, but at the same time it's hard to try out the things you learned when you get sniped within 2 seconds at the start of a round or constantly get headshotted by someone you don't even see at all lol. So yeah. It pretty much feels like a gamble right now and kind of makes the point of playing "ranked" kind of obsolete in the first place.

I'll try to find a team or community to play with but especially in regards to communities I've seen it too often that those come with smurfs as well and I don't want to have them in my team either since it's just as boring really and while "getting carried" certainly can be nice for a round or two in the end it's just as boring as said...and also sucks for the enemy team.

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