New project bike finally got here from the other side of the country! 86 FXRT

Anand that's a big strike three and he's out! Don't have any of that stuff but I know where you can find some or most or all of it for reasonable prices

Time to download Instagram and look to @fxrrobert, and @fxr_n_dyna_parts_trader and a bunch of other FXR parts sellers and hashtags (most include FXR and Dyna stuff together- do a patient hashtag search and look at dates of the offerings carefully. most stuff gets sold in a day or so). #fxrndynapartstrader, #fxrparts, #dynaparts, #harleyparts, #fxrpartsforsale, and #chopperpartsforyou seem to be the biggerst, most active hashtags. Lots of FXR sites and most stuff half the price of Elvis's place.

I just picked up a new pristine 2000+ 39mm set of tubes (the tall ones), caps, plungers, springs and lower legs (for newer four piston calipers... these look brand new) for $499 shipped FedEx from FXRRobert. He's got pristine dual disc early 39mm complete forks for $550, and police bags, I'm sure too. Or regularly does (he's got a Tallahassee FXR shop I think). His website is The number listed there is a cell phone. If he doesn't answer, he will call you back.

Police bags also show up on the fxrndynapartstrader's page a lot. And he reposts messaged requests and anything with that hashtag, too. But you gotta che k these pages three or four times a day si CE the good shit thats priced right sells fast.

Good luck.

Are you wanting to sell the clamshells and mounting hardware? If so, please contact me first? I just might accept your asking price. Not made of money, as I've found myself buying WAY too much stuff since finding this places on Instagram, but if they're reasonable, I can probably free up the cash.

Have fun. Ride safe.

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