New Rakan Support, can I get some advice?

I doubt they're all passive players, to be honest. Back when I was playing in low Plat/high Gold, if anything, everyone was much too aggro and would die as a result. What you're witnessing might not be a product of your teammates and instead a product of you playing Rakan.

Try communicating. Spam "On my way!" pings or something like that when you're looking to make an engage, but also be mindful that not everyone on your team has an ability that turns you into Sonic, going fast as fuck.

When someone other than me is playing Rakan on my team, I find that his engages (specifically his R > W) are very quick and even unexpected, and depending on my positioning, I may have a difficult time following up. That charm into 4-man knockup isn't gonna do much if, say, your J4 is much too far away to E > Q > R.

However, this does not apply in every game. Sometimes, you have to peel for your carries instead of initiating. It all depends on your team comp, your enemy's team comp, how fed your team or their team is, etc.

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