New and Reworked champs need to be balanced instead of OP every time

Zeri was broken since patch one, crit build was decreasing her winrate, she is also a very difficult champion with completely new mechanics, her being 48% winrate is too high, she also got hotfix nerfed, hard nerfed the patch after ( in which as you mentioned she had 51% wr) she also got hard nerfed the patch after ( which made her 50% as you said)

So you are saying she was fine because she was 48% wr on release, even tho she literally got hotfix nerfed and then nerfed in multiple spots, including base stats 2 patches in a row after release.

Viego wasnt touched for 6 months and first balance changes happened in 11.13?

Patch 11.3 nerfed passive healing from 150% against minions to 100%, that was a huge nerf to lane viego, actually larger than 11.13.

Patch 11.4 nerf, making his passive no longer destroy tower shots

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