New season of The X-Files could begin shooting this summer - David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson are on board for a new six-to-eight episode season

What do you mean I am trying hard?

Other shit may be happening but are millenials doing it and on any significant scale? I am not even looking for accomplishments, just any identity or values or progress at all. And I am not "blaming" anyone, I am expressing concern and not with the content of our character but of the world we live in.

If you've kept up with what they've said about us in the media these past 10 years, and again reputation is not important but we should still listen for clues, you see it suggested repeatedly that we are somehow stunted and I worry that I see that sometimes. The economy as we entered the workforce is the most obvious direction to point the finger but being such a big generation and many of us now being in our early 30's I feel like we should see more evidence of progress. How many of us are still struggling with our careers jobs? Will there be any jobs for us? Across all age ranges these days employee retention is incredibly low. See there are people in our parents generation who worked at the same smaller in-town businesses their whole lives going on 30 years making a living wage+benifits and doing work they could be proud. How many young applicants to a job these days expect to be there in 5 or even 2 years? Almost no matter where I worked today I just could never believe there would be any loyalty towards the employees or that they higher ups would ever be fair regarding paying an employee what they're worth. And that's for all employees and as we are the youngest in the work force tends not too look good for us. And the wages we get compared to the cost of living, especially in cities...people in the 70's could work full time at a grocery store and afford to finance a new car and pay for a modest apartment. Now a days that would be a fantasy and you instead have working skilled professionals struggling to afford a dinky 1 bed apt.

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