New set up, cycled as instructed. Introduced 6 danio last week. Just found one dead at the bottom of the tank. She was fat and i now have fry (I think)

I really hate to be that guy, but your tank is too small for your current stocking (especially if you raise the fry). I assume you have zebra danios which can grow to 2 inches in length, that's far too much fish for your tiny tank. Keeping them in that space will stress them and also the bioload of the fish is likely to be beyond your filtration capacity. Smaller tanks are more prone to swings in water parameter, especially when heavily stocked.

Regarding the fry, if you have lots of hiding places then maybe a few will survive, but I wouldent count on it. Raising fry can be challanging, to get a decent number to survive you'd need a fry cage (a tank in your tank) and appropriate food.

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