The new She-Ra is a lot like Ward

No problem. I should have clarified

One redditor made an insightful observation and I though it fits the mold

Think about it. All of Wildbow's protagonists are seemingly weak people with explosively large potential, disliked by everyone except their closest allies, leaders of tight knit groups that are feared and distrusted by everyone they meet. They all have a greater purpose they strive towards and commits great evils to achieve them.

If Wildbow projects anything of himself into his protagonists, which considering the uniformity of them he does, Jack Slash is what a Wildbow protagonist would be if they didn't care to make the world better and instead wanted to torture people. Which is what Wildbow does to us with his horrifying fucking stories.

Jack Slash fits the Wildbow protagonists mold with the twist of being a serial killer and having already reached the achievements of his journey when we meet him. He even got to parallel saving the world by being the one destroying it.

Jack Slash is a Wildbow Self Insert. Think about it. Think about it!

Although he was talking about Jack Slash but his other points 1. A band of misfits distrusted by others and seemingly with large potential 2. Having done terrible deeds or on the path to commit terrible deeds. It all fits.

  1. Victoria violating a non cape and hiding her crime. 2. Talking about making people disappear without any emotional investment on their behalf

So its how these characters self delude themselves in believing that something they're doing is for a greater good and being selectively empathy gives me the vibe.

Hope that helps.

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