New skin: Soaring Heart Ishtar

Sarcasm mode on : Yeah this skin is soooo bad. I can’t believe they actually made her look different when SEMC gave us similar skins when she came out. Plus, it looks so weird because it’s different. I don’t want anything like ML or AoV or Lol but nothing different either. Damn, it feels like they never try. Look at the textures, it feels traditionally colored just like a lot of the very first skins. And it’s not because she is wearing red that it’s Valentine’s day. But of course it would be cliche to draw Ishtar with roses and men bowing to her.

I’m out of this game, see you tomorrow.

Back to normal : I get it, the concept isn’t extraordinary. But say something constructive instead of always denigrate someone else’s work who probably made a few propositions and has been asked to keep this one.

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