New Star Trek video game?

The problem here is two-fold.

One, the Trek demo is incredibly wide. Boomers and Gen X love Trek. These are groups that historically don't play a lot of games these days. Sure, they may have dabbled in their youth, but it's not a priority.

Two, making a Trek game that's actually faithful to the source material would be a massive undertaking. You'd have to have the complexity of a Bioware game but without many, if any, shooting and exploding bits.

Making games is a crazy expensive proposition and the risks are incredible. There are piles of franchises that don't have many titles. Bond hasn't had a game since 2012. Godzilla had a shit game in 2014. The Avengers are finally getting a game this year, but all the other Marvel games are few and far between.

That said, there is hope. Something like Disco Elysium could be easily fall into a Trek type game. Shoot an email to the folks over at ZA/UM and get the ball rolling. I believe in you.

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