New summoner, what things will make me a better player if I learn it right now?

Here is what you need to do to be ahead of the curve:

  • Find two champions you absolutely love to play and stick to them. Don't pick stuff that you like because you win a lot on. Once you hit your ELO, you are gonna realise that the winning stops and the champion isn't fun anymore. So pick a champion based on their thematics visually and in their kit.

  • Get used to the feeling of losing and don't get angry. The only way you climb is by not getting emotional, if you get emotional at any point. Your climb will end.

  • Go out of your way to learn new stuff and try to incorporate anything you may have learned into your next game even if it is incredibly small.

  • Don't bother complaining about champions and hoping for nerfs. This is a bad mindset to have because no matter what, there will always be a God Tier champion. Learn to beat all your matchups, except for your permabanned one.

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