New Team-Member Frustrations

For what it’s worth, I recently got pulled to the side for having a low uph for one day. I think I’m approaching my 90 days soon, who knows if they’ll let me go for it. But at this point, I’ll be at peace with whatever decision they make. They don’t pay me enough, or schedule me enough to bend over backwards for some numbers race. They want us to maintain an 80, but don’t counter in the QR code hassle, customers constantly stopping you, overly crowded staging are, elevators breaking down every 5 minutes and the list goes on. We risk our health every day that we go in for a shift, that’s all the stress I can deal with at the moment.

I smile at everyone, it’s something I’m known for at my last job and also at WF. But, I don’t talk with my coworkers unless I have to. I tried in the beginning and a lot of them (in my department) are very stand-off Ish. So I gave up. I am very introverted, but I know how to put on my pokerface for work. But, I won’t force myself to converse with anyone who is being passive aggressive with me.

So I do my 6-8 hours and I get that hell out. Nothing more, nothing less. There will be other jobs. If this one doesn’t work out, so be it.

Try not to stress too much. I’m sure you’re doing fine. Everything takes time to get in the groove of things. They can’t expect you to know what you’re doing off jump. ☺️

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