New Updated Android Auto Is Officially Released Announcement From Google

So this just worked for me and I thought I would share. I'm on a 2XL with Q beta 5. I do not see the AA app under all apps anymore.

I tried clearing cache and data on AA as everyone suggested, then force quit and rebooted. Nothing. Then I came across a post that triggered an idea.

What worked was to clear AA cache, data, then force quit. I also cleared Google Play Services cache (NOT data) for kicks. Then rebooted phone.

After reboot (before plugging into the car), I went into the AA app settings and enabled Bluetooth, then set the app to autolaunch when it connects to Bluetooth in the car. At this point I turned on the car radio, but did not connect my USB cable. AA launched on my phone and I went through the setup. Once it was open, I went into settings and the option was there. Selected the option, but found I had to restart the phone once more to get AA to launch on my radio while plugged into the cable.

Hope this helps someone.

(Edit: I'm in the US)

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