New to vaping, looking for some info and help. Welcome all suggestions! :)

First of all, online you'll get a much bigger selection of products and the prices are much cheaper than your local shop.

That said, in order to start vaping, you need 3 things: An atomizer, a battery and some juice.

There are quite a few types of atomizers and it all depends on what you prefer. Some have tanks where you put the juice in and you just fill the juice again when it's gone, in other you just drip a few drops of juice, you vape, you drop again, etc.

An atomizer in order to work, has a coil inside of it. That vaporizes the juice which you inhale. Those coils last a few weeks and then you replace them. There are atomizers where there are premade coils, when one is done, you simply take it out, put in the new one and you're done. In others, you make the coil yourself and you save some money.

The coils have a resistance. When you go below 1 Ohm, you go in the subohm territory. The latest atomizers use coils with below 1 ohm resistance and are called Subtanks. Older models still use coils with resistance above 1 ohm.

Now, depending on what kind of atomizer you end up getting, you need the proper battery to work it. Not all batteries work on all atomizers. Generally speaking, the lower the resistance, the bigger battery you need. Lower resistance=more power=bigger clouds.

There's a huge selection of subtanks, which is the latest technology. Some take premade coils, other you have to make the coils yourself and there are some that do both.

A very popular choice around here is the Kangertech Subtank Mini. It takes premade coils of 0.5 ohms, of 1.2 ohms AND it has a deck where you can build your own.

On most subtanks, you have to "straight to lung" inhale, like you do on a hookah, not "mouth to lung" as in a cigarette. Some people like that, others don't.

A popular tank atomizer for mouth to lung hits, is the Nautilus Mini.

Buying a battery now, is not an easy choice because you have many options. The Eleaf Isticks were hugely popular until recently. Cheap and powerful but lately there has been a fiasco with some faulty units. Still, the Istick 30 is still considered a value for money choice BUT it's a bit underpowered for the Subtank Mini. It will work beautifully with the Nautilus though.

The ideal battery for a Subtank is a box mod with 50 Watts power. The Ipv Mini 2 is another very popular choice.

Sigelei also makes quality box mods (batteries). Those are boxes that take separate batteries, namely 18650 batteries.

What would I buy if I started now? Istick30 and Nautilus Mini if I just wanted to have something modest, Ipv Mini 2 and Subtank Mini if I wanted something better that will last me more time.

You can find the first setup very cheaply online and the second one won't break the bank either.

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