New York Times: Epstein’s Final Days: Celebrity Reminiscing and a Running Toilet

I read this for the first time earlier today. It glosses over two important points that we’ve never had answers for:

  1. What happened in the July incident? The authors strongly suggest it was a suicide attempt without attempting to clarify that part of the reason he spent only 31 hours on suicide watch was that his lawyers were able to make the claim that his cell mate had roughed him up. And if it was a suicide attempt, why only 31 hours on suicide watch?

  2. Why was his cell mate moved the day before his suicide? Especially if the July incident had been a suicide attempt my understanding is that this is highly unusual. No one has been able to give me a solid answer to that one. I want to know if his lawyers were involved in any capacity whatsoever.

They also don’t mention that he signed off on a new will the day before but that’s alright, whatever. Nothing earth shattering here IMO, bit sloppy even.

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