Is the New Yorker the most insufferable major liberal magazine?

I dunno, any of their masthead writers’ regular takes about The State of The Republic. They always take like 6 paragraphs to get to the fucking point (orange man bad) and it’s like they use a thesaurus to find pretentious words to sprinkle all over their writing.

Their editorial philosophy seems to be, “why say something directly when you can use long, baroque run-on sentences?” No piece of writing can just be a simple communication of an idea. Everything has to be magnificent Sorkinesque masterpiece about the bullshit news of the day.

The writers always insert themselves into the writing. They use “I” a lot. They like to drop references to obscure academic literature that don’t really help their argument they just show how well read they are. Also the little anime avatars are douchey.

Basically, The New Yorker exists to make its writers and it’s readers feel smart.


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