New Z-Moves Revealed in Pokémon Ultra Sun and Pokémon Ultra Moon!

In simplest terms? I'd want this series to receive the same treatment Nintendo gives it other IPs - I want to see the Metroid Prime of this series, the Breath of the Wild, the Mario Galaxy, whatever is your flavor.

Hey You, Pikachu!

Pokemon Channel

PokePark Wii: Pikachu's Adventure

PokéPark 2: Wonders Beyond

Pokémon Trading Card Game GBC

Pokémon Card GB2: Here Comes Team GR!

Pokémon Trading Card Game Online

Pokémon Pinball

Pokémon Pinball: Ruby & Sapphire

Pokémon Puzzle League

Pokémon Puzzle Challenge

Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team and Blue Rescue Team

Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time and Explorers of Darkness

Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky

Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Keep Going! Blazing Adventure Squad!, Let's Go! Stormy Adventure Squad!, and Go For It! Light Adventure Squad!

Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity

Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon

Pokémon Ranger

Pokémon Ranger: Shadows of Almia

Pokémon Ranger: Guardian Signs

Pokémon Rumble

Pokémon Rumble Blast

Pokémon Rumble U

Pokémon Rumble World

Pokémon Trozei!

Pokémon Battle Trozei

Pokémon Shuffle

Pokémon Picross

Pokémon Snap

Pokémon Conquest

Pokkén Tournament

Pokémon GO

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