Newb Needs Help Designing Classes

Honestly, the only done classes are the martial ones, at least I consider them done, and if not done then at least nearly done. But no, nothing is "set in stone" level done, if it were done I wouldn't be asking for help and criticism.

I could just say that you can't take more than say 5 classes in a caster class but have your character level count as your caster level, that would probably be a solution, but I don't want to bog my friends down with too much complication, that's why I was trying to have a more simplified selection of classes, since the people I intend to play this with have never played a tabletop game before and one of them is even scared she'll make a fool of herself by not understanding the rules.

I am using the technological stuff in the campaign as a replacement for high level magic items, to fit the theme of low magic, it's why the craftsman has technological crafting feats on his bonus feat selection.

The medium BAB was to compensate for both the gimped magic and the lack of class abilities related to combat that the non-martial classes had. I honestly don't find the revelations boring, but that's a matter of opinion. The Machine Cultist is more or less expected to gimp himself up with cybernetics as his way of getting things done, but she probably needs cybernetic combat to get amazing with it. The shaman is to have various bonuses based on a totem chosen at character creation, the one written there is written as if it's a wolf totem shaman since that was the only one I got to decide the powers of on. And finally the doctor is probably the class I'm having the most trouble with, since I KNOW it's got nothing appealing to it, but I can't think of what to augment it with.

Oh, and the radiation prophet can't alter evolution selection, only save up points for later to take more expensive evolutions.

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