Newbie looking for advice on current situation

It's extraordinary that every single hard drive mentioned in this post is WD branded. Oh yes, there's even talk of a WD cloud service. (But not for him because he doesn't live in the "u.s."--not capitalized--any more. Funny how he manages to capitalize WD every time it's used, and manages to get the capitals right in the laughably named "WD Mybook Duo").

Then there's the comment, so apparently in passing, that they are "the most reputable hard drives" and "perfectly suited as quality hard drives for nas/data storage." For this audience? Seriously, somebody is going to say that to us now, after they have been proven to be the absolute opposite?

This is the second post I have seen this week that is obviously a WD product placement; I'm sure there are many that I have missed.

Evidently WD realizes how badly they screwed the pooch with NAS enthusiasts by selling them sacks of sawdust priced like juicy sausages, and now they're trying to make it up by lying even more.

It's a real Bill Hicks moment.

"What would you guys do?" he asks. I, for one, would get a different job, that doesn't require lying for a living.

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