Newbie Thursday (28th of January, 2016) - Your weekly questions

there's no such thing as "how often" when it comes to ecos. If you and your team are unable to get a decent buy going (i.e. 1 or 2 famas with m4's for the rest and kevlar + some nades) then you should usually eco. of course, the new meta nowadays is to forcebuy pistols with kevlar, but this is not usually a good idea and should be used to catch the enemies off-guard rather than making a habit out of it.

the general rule of thumb is to keep an eye on your money and loss bonus. keep your current money such that you will be able to afford a decent buy the next round if your team ecos. a decent buy being 3-4 M4s with 1-2 famas'es or even an AWP/glass cannon AWP if someone can afford one (I don't recommend glass cannon AWPs in MM)

also, another thing to keep in mind is that if you are really tight on money on CT side, and you know that the enemy team all have AKs or AWPs, then you can usually forego buying a helmet, because AKs and AWPs are a one-shot headshot anyways. This'll save you $350 to buy more nades with.

if you win a round and reset your loss bonus, then lose the next round, you'll be stuck in a situation where you probably have ~$1400-2000 each in the bank and a 1900 loss bonus. in that situation, it is usually advisable to double-eco (eco twice in a row).

another thing: if you all have ~2k or so in the bank, and someone has, let's say, $6000 in the bank from saving previously or something, he can drop five-sevens or tec9s to his teammates since he has so much more money than the rest.

however, keep in mind that this is all situational. it's all left up to you and what you feel is best in the situation. you will, in time, develop a good sense or when to eco, when to forcebuy, etc.

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