Newcastle fan here

You're a moron.

The largest university in Europe according to wikipedia is the national university of distance education, topping at 260k student.

You're a moron.

I stole all your 4 images and layout? I've created an account into this free website creation site I knew nothing till last week, I typed 'school' and found the same template you used, moron. Those photos are the ones offered by that web creation/host site as part of their free template; moron. It took me the same 10 minutes it took to your 'web development team'.

Just to let this sink in, you're a moron.

[and by the way for your continuous education, after we explained to you the difference between proof and prove, let me tell you that you don't sue somebody for 'copyright', you sue them for 'copyright infringement' or 'violation of copyright laws'; when you have a case, which is kind of a prerequisite, moron]

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