Newegg has FD Node 804 back down to $69.99 + FS for their Shell Shocker deal.

Which I paid $700 for, half a year ago. I didn't realize I be defending myself versus /r/pcmasterrace.

Plus, there aren't really any 'smaller parts' in a PC build. It's all big, friendly lego block modules, and fairly standard screws and cables, that almost any idiot could assemble.

With a NAS, it's literally slide hard drives into it, and flip a switch, then poke around in a web interface. It's super easy to set one of those up, and it will cost a lot less, and eat a lot less power than making a RAID box from a PC.

Rolling my own holds no particular fascination to someone who had to solder suck holes in an undocumented motherboard, to install RAM, back in the dinosaur days. Woo-hoo! 68000 with a whole megabyte of RAM! And 20MB of hard disk space! Livin' large! Or to install a UART in the even earlier dinosaur days. Yay! Now I can plug in a speech synthesizer, and use that 8K of RAM to its fullest!

I can understand your pride. Many children are very proud of their lego constructions, too.

I spent (or wasted) plenty of time researching and tinkering with configurations, and decided the trusted brand, Asus box was adequate for gaming, without bothering to get 15 separate UPS, FedEx and mail deliveries, to piece together parts that all had retail and shipping mark-ups on them, that add up to more than a pre-built PC, except with separate calls for any defective/damaged parts that turn up in the deliveries.

Assembling and troubleshooting are trivial. But the wait between RMA and getting the replacements are annoying, when it happens. I chose the 'lazy' route, because I usually have other things to do, like earn a living, meet deadlines, etc. Or, you know, just play games on a box, without worrying about it.

So somebody in a factory in China stacked the lego blocks, the same way over and over, and turned some screws, surrounded by quality assurance and plenty of spare parts, should some part fail the burn-in test, and the perfectly standard, pre-built box can sit on shelves for a few weeks, before I get my instant gratification, with one swipe of a credit card. 'Boop'

If the box had been a dud, the store is literally one mile away, to exchange or return. But it runs Skyrim with all of the HD texture mods in silky smooth, high detail 1080p/60, on a big screen TV.

I can even use a wireless game pad, instead of keyboard+mouse. Such lovely, modern conveniences, over the 8 bit days. Of course, anyone could make passable player/missile graphics on an Atari, back in the day, and coax music out of a three channel synthesizer. Of course, if you wanted more colors, or more sprites, then you'd have to get into display list interrupts.

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