[Newells Old Boys] Bielsa: “How are we going to be happy in my city Rosario when we see a boy in a Real Madrid shirt? The love has to start with your own, your place and who you are and what’s at hand. There are 5 or 10 huge global teams, but who is going to pay attention to their own?”

Kinda surprised to see that apparently so many dislike the idea of someone being a fan of a team from a city/country they are not from. I think there's nothing wrong with that if it comes from a genuine place. Love for a club can be born for many different reasons, maybe you have great memories of seeing them play as a kid or maybe someone in your family that got you into football supported them... Just to name a couple of reasons.

It's true it would be great if more people supported their local teams but you can support more than one team. I personally have my local team that will be always be my number 1 but I also consider myself a fan of a foreign team and have been for many years. I don't think that the fact that I wasn't born in the city where that team comes from disqualifies me as a true fan.

For me being a "plastic" fan is choosing to "follow" a team or wear their jersey based on their popularity or current level of success. Those people tend to forget and denounce the team as soon as it starts losing anyway. It's like trend-chasing.

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