Newest fallout 76 patch breaks legendary armor effects after reloading a weapon, breaking almost every single end game build. Watch for the change in armor values here.

Caesar in NV gave a good description of the world outside the control of a true organized government like the NCR. It works more like Ukraine and Russia under Mongol domination. A large militarized force squeezes cities and settlements for protection and wards off raiders and bandits but otherwise leaves them to their own devices. That's how you get clans like the Great Khan's and the Eighties controlling such a large amount of territory without actually settling down to build anything.

The area of Fo4 was like this under the Gunners until Minuteman resistance and greater institute interference.

That's why I can buy that Boston is just diamond city and little else besides farming settlements with no real centralized government.

Fo4 was at least some effort but there's just no excuse for the lore butchery in 3.

And no excuse for fucking orc supermutants anywhere

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