Newly created @GrapheneOS Twitter handle for official project announcements

It's not a business and there will be no business model. It's an open source project receiving funding to continue development release the code under permissive licenses. It has sustainable funding for continuing in the current capacity but it really needs more full-time developers to be a truly sustainable project and to be able to accomplish the goals.

are the current builds stable for daily driver status?

You would need to answer that for yourself. It's not less stable than it was in the past incarnation when partnered with Copperhead. It's in an early state in terms of putting together the infrastructure, release engineering, testing, etc. as I mention above the releases and elsewhere.

Can you have a registered Canadian charity status as well? Would like to contribute without the rigmarole of buying Bitcoins.

There will probably be a US charity taking donations on behalf on the project. I'm not sure how realistic it is to create one in Canada. It could potentially be done and it would be nice to have an organization with legal status rather than just an open source project not recognized by the government as a legal entity. It can't be a priority right now but it will be considered.

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