News article about FINRA

You forgot to mention that the stated “opinions” are based quantifiable facts.

The names named and organizations named who are involved with FINRA are factual.

The dates stated are factual.

The events on those dates are factual.

You stated that this is an “opinion” however you haven’t disputed the facts stated in this “opinion.” Dispute the facts, prove it’s an opinion by disputing the facts stated. Oh, opinions can be factual, as well.

In that regard, since the writer of the article is stating quantifiable facts on and about the events that occurred this is an article. Your statement that this article is an opinion is the definition of “opinion.” By stating that this is merely an “opinion” you’re purposely trying to discredit the article and the facts stated: trying to cause readers to have doubts about what the writer has stated.

In other words: you are trying to spread FUD.


BTW, the vast majority of people who are using Reddit know the facts about what happened with MMTLP. The only people who will agree with you are other FUD spreaders.

I don’t understand the psychology behind all the FUD being spread about it now that it’s stopped trading. Are you so psychologically corrupt that you take pleasure from the fact that many people have lost a great deal of money due to this criminal activity? Maybe you need to take a very long look at yourself before you go posting further FUD to try to make others miserable.

One last thing, Oregon has legalized a form of therapy that has proven to help people with deep psychological problems like yours. Do a little research, buy a ticket to Portland and get some therapy.

Have a blessed day.

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