News clipping from the New York Daily Mirror, 1950’s.

Some opposite effects of sexism I have found in old crime research is many women getting off from murder convictions because a 'weak and fragile woman can't help herself' or a woman isn't strong enough willed to commit murder. It is kinda crazy. Women would admit to pushing a mentally slow male to commit murder for her and he'd hang and she'd go free. Not always of course but way too often. In the next 20 years the number of mothers wanting men that abuse their children when they don't want to do it themselves is gonna surface. A LOT of those moms people assumed turned their face from fathers abusing their children were being goaded by women and it is just taking time for men to realize some mommies can be evil. I'm not trying to hate on women. this is a very small portion just like evil men. I'm just saying that a lot of sexist ideas are gonna take a while to sort through. Like the very large number of females that guided males into sex when they were young when the only thing involving that now is "Males try to push women into sex." We don't say females mature faster than men for no reason. And I am not being 'sexist' by saying female. I am saying female because I am including minors. I think we need to do a lot of poles to see how many females instigated sexual activities with their males to get some of this out there for discussion. - How do I come to my ideas about women into watching the cruelty and molestation of their kids. The incredible number of them that have mentioned it to me when first chatting on dating apps. Be careful when someone starts with asking you to go to some encrypted site to chat.

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