[News] July brings new Cyber Angel Cards! Revival of the CA?

MMA is, at best, a break even (draw 2, -1 for MMA, -1 for card shuffled back in, -1 for tribute, +1 if Benten was tributed). More probable, however, it's a -1 and a brick card after turn 2. After turn 2, you, most likely, either dont have the resources to use it or you're wide open and the rest of the meta will plow through your line before giving the opportunity to use it. Even with duel links super consistency, it's not that good.

Izana is better, but still no substitute for Dakini. Double attack is nice and has S/T removal, something CA will appreciate. However, it needs the Idaten boost to be threatening. It can't even beat over an unequipped RESD or a set Stygokraken without it. Additionally, they need cards like Sapphira, Vennu, or MAAR to recycle Idaten should something happen to the first boosted Izana. Considering the work they need to put in to get it on the field that could very easily get hit with Canadia/FTH/TTH/Econ or Ice/Snipe Hunter/Slash+PotG (summoned after Izana), it's not a substantial threat or a meta defining one like Dakini in their tier 0 format.

Lastly, without a shift in ban list cards they won't be all that threatening. With the support they are getting (that we know of), they have to chose 2 of Petit, MAR, and Dakini. Without Dakini, they have to rely on Izana, Vennu, and Sapphira as their boss monster, none of which have the same offensive presence. Without MAR, they are completely reliant on Sprite's Blessing and MAAR for summoning Dakini or Izana, which would require Petit if using Benten/Idaten as tributes (and 9/10 times, you would be). Without Petit, you need some combination of Gishki/Senju/Sonic Bird/Vennu/Sapphira to dig through and pick the cards you'd need for consistency. This is their most ideal scenario compared to the others listed. However, each of the ones list come with their own set of shortcomings compared to Petit too (nonsearchable, level 4 not as abusable as level 2, requires other rituals, draw power compared to searching, only recycles, etc) This makes the decks and plays suboptimal and bogged down in today's format. Lastly, even IF one of these cards (like Petit) were to come off the list, the 2 remaining cards are still pivotal for CA and they wouldnt be able to run TTH/ECON/Trunade as a result.

I know I am overlooking some qualities when it comes to CA. However, I think that this is enough to say that CA will not be a true top tier threat when their new cards drop next month. They may be able to claim their rogue status again or become a tier 3 deck if Petit is unlimited again. However, as it stands and from the information given by Konami, they probably won't be doing much.

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