[News][Link] FDA Updates on Diet Related Dilated Cardiomyopathy

I studied at penn state university. And I have worked at bound brook veterinary clinic as well as a feed store. I couldn’t give you peer viewed articles because I know from experience with my customers. The ones who have liver disease, cancer, kidney disease, or other disorders that have been to vet after vet and tried countless foods and medications. and dr Harvey’s has been the only one to help gain weight, energy, balance, and appropriate ph levels in the urine again. I’ve seen dogs on their death beds with nothing else left to try who have come back and lived long healthy lives. So no I don’t sit and read peer viewed articles. I live the the results everyday I see another animal come back from an illness. Not every dog can thrive on kibble diets. Not with the designer breeds and genetic disorders they all are developing from cross breeding.

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