News Mega - 28 01 2021

I've been trying to learn python recently (not much to do atm as international chemical deliveries are still heavily delayed). The 100k death figure for the UK was in the news recently, so I tried plotting covid death rate vs. pop density for Europe. It's already available here but their UI is pretty awful.

So here's what my version looks like, which basically shows that the UK is very middle of the road:

However, one thing it fails on is countries like Sweden and Russia which have very low pop density but the majority of their population is concentrated in a few areas.

The other issue is that the Netherlands seems to be doing rather well, but if you look at the population density of their biggest city, Utrecht, it's nearly half that of London/Paris. I.e. the population density of the Netherlands is high overall, but distributed throughout the country. Actually, Leeds and Manchester each have a population density 3-4 times that of Utrecht.

I tried plotting by "urbanisation (%)", but countries like Iceland are 100% urbanised whilst Reykjavík has a population density of 472 per square kilometer (compared to London which is >5,000).

So I could plot by population density of the capital (or biggest city), but then there's the annoying issue that some data banks list cities but dont match them with iso3 / iso2 country codes, which means it's difficult to match the city pop density to the country (death rate). Also, the definition of the city limits varies from data set to data set. Some muddle between city proper and metro area and it's too time consuming to check each data point.

Instead I tried plotting death rate vs pop of the capital, which is not too bad:

But best so far seems to be death rate vs % of tot pop that lives in urbanisations > 1 mil people, which basically weens out the small cities which are urbanised:

Ofc, there's many assumptions Im making, particularly that

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