In news that should shock absolutely no one: Bristol has a terrible take on the recent school shooting. She’s blaming social media.

These cops … we are a first responder family and spouse is trained to go in alone if he is first on seen , no waiting ( and has had to unfortunately) if they don’t go in and actively try to stop the person he would be fired immediately for cowardice just like these should be .. no excuses . We are in a similar area where your back up maybe 10-15 minutes or longer anyway so there is NO waiting .. he must engage , has and knows this is the job . The chief should be fired , if the other officers were told they should be fired ( and charged ) also .. they need to check body cameras to see EXACTLY what was going on , what they were told and if there were shots they heard it would be picked up on those and IF that’s the case ALL should be charged . This is a disgusting situation made worse by a disgusting reaction .

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