Next arena details posted

This week, we have a number of different events running! Before we get into that, some important housekeeping reminders and announcements:

Players caught violating our terms of service through various means such as account sharing or running cheating or hacking programs with the game will be caught and dealt with. You’ve been warned – don’t do it.

We are working to make rewards more compelling, which is why Crystal Shards are being introduced. Huzzah! You can read more about them right here:

And now, time to get down to the nitty gritty:

  1. Alliance Quest Events, which are separate from Arena events. There is a lot that is new for Alliance Quest Events this time around, so they have their own dedicated thread.!

  2. 7-day Ant-man and Yellowjacket arenas giving players the chance to get 2 and 3-star Ant-Man and Yellowjacket basic heroes. The top 50 in these arenas will respectively win a 4-star normal Ant-Man or a 4-star normal Yellowjacket (a reminder, these arenas are being run so that players can use up their existing Pym canisters.

    For those with remaining Pym canisters after these events, they will be converted into battlechips at a rate of 15 battlechips per 1 Pym canister.

  3. The 3-day Elite Arena kicks off tomorrow. A reminder of the details:

  4. You’ll face off against a harder AI

  5. You’ll see faster difficulty ramping

  6. You’ll experience a slower increase of streak multipliers (in order to make it more rewarding to maintain your streak)

  7. Players will only be able to use 4-Star champs

Prizing for the Elite arena is a White Suit Iron Fist ranked reward for first place, and the other players in the Elite arena will be able to earn 4-star Black Panther as a milestone reward. Because we are giving players the opportunity the chance to win Black Panther as a milestone reward, they are not going to have the ability to participate in the 3-day 4-Star Black Panther Arena. This is to ensure other players have a chance at the 4-Star Black Panther Arena.

This one's gonna be tough, to the victor go the spoils!

  1. Two 3 day Black Panther Arenas.
  2. 3-star and 4-star arenas
  3. Black Panther and Crystal Shards as rank rewards
  4. For players that have been with us for a full 60 calendar days prior to the arena starting, the 4-star arena will also see 4-star Captain Marvel Basic Hero as a ranked prize for ranks 401 to 1000

Players will also see a few different 1-day Alliance Events starting tomorrow.

As a reminder, Alliance Quests have a separate thread due to how many changes we're making, and you can find it right here:!

Feedback regarding the Arenas can be shared with us right here:

Have fun!

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