Nexus 5x dying, considering swapping back to ios - would the SE meet my needs?

The iPhone SE's main points are basically tailor made to your requirements. Good back camera, weak front camera, long battery life, fluid and responsive. I can't comment on the phone call quality.

Camera: The rear camera will be slightly worse than the 7, but not significantly so, in my opinion, but then again I do not take a lot of photos like you. I think the difference is much more noticeable in low light.

Battery: 18 hours with light usage is no problem for the SE.

Fluid and responsive: in my experience, iPhones are lightning fast on their release version of iOS (for SE, that's iOS 9). On the next one (iOS 10, current version) they are still very fast and comparable to the best Android phones. On the next one (iOS 11, coming in September) the age becomes apparent, but they are still very usable in day to day life and 99.9% of people won't be hindered by it, although you can see hiccups here and there. On the next one (iOS 12) it starts to feel like an old phone, and on the one after that (iOS 13) it's the last version it will get and what used to take 1-3 seconds on iOS 9 will take 5-10 seconds now.

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