Neymar about Yedlin's comment: "Unfortunately I don't have much to say. Just to be sorry for him. He's the type of player... I don't know so I have no reason to be worried about it."

I mean why would he ever comment on that, especially in this manner? He's being pompous and condescending towards a lesser talented player. Fine.

Neymar is a guy who did shady shit just to get paid in France, has been only center of spotlight in every possible negative way including rumors of wanting to get out of PSG two months in (which was reported by too many news outlets to be dismissed to The Sun making shit up).

Has underperformed for Brazil, has somewhat disappointed for PSG in Champions League, and will only be remembered as the guy who loves diving so much UEFA had to call up meetings to discuss this issue. An entire decade of Barcelona vs Real Madrid diving competitions didn't do it, but Neymar did.

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