Nfather thinks he should be allowed to walk into my house without a invitation or knocking.

This is such a classic narc move. I didn't realize it was so common until this sub actually. My dad had a key to my place because I've been in the hospital before and he offered to feed my cat. The next time I went into the hospital, when I returned, he had gone through/"cleaned" everything in my bedroom, including: organizing my sex toys, throwing away materials for a project I was working on for a friend (she had recently gotten married and I had collected bits of things for months to make a shadowbox thing for them, and he threw it all away), took a plant I had been nurturing for almost a year - I was so proud of that f'ing plant - and replanted it in his backyard, where it promptly died a couple of weeks later. I AM OVER 40 YEARS OLD BY THE WAY and have obviously since had my lock changed.

He was over a couple of months ago before I went NC and I had started deadbolting my door because I had received a notice that people were breaking in, and we should start deadbolting. He thought when I deadbolted the door after he left that it was because of him. I got a message from my mom shortly thereafter ("how dare you deadbolt your own father out of your apartment/etc") . They've been divorced since '95. Instead of explaining, I just decided to go NC.

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