NFL Daily Discussion - 11/7/19 (Thursday)

looking at just averages is flawed..imp to take matchups into account

chargers allowing 208 per game...includes games vs Miami (Rosen), Steelers (when rudolph wasnt even playing- 3rd string devlin hodges of all people started for them), vs bears (was actaully bitch trubisky's best passing day of the year when he dropped 250yards), also includes denver with flacco, also includes titans with tannehil who shredded them

Miami, Steelers, Bears, Denver, titans are all in the bottom10 of passing yards per game. with the first 4 mentioned all bottom6.
dvoa adjusting for efficiency rankings also has ALL 5 of those teams as bottom 10 pass teams offensively

Rodgers you are correct the one good qb they shut down. poor spot for rodgers but credit where its due- however short week is usually rough on defenses. esp road teams. hard to prep with minimal time. add to this stafford was able to pass 250yards. watson 351, tannehil 312...i mean like i said- its far more matchup dependant not as simple as just looking at averages.

this all depends on gameflow- id actually say carr hitting the over is extremely contingent on rivers having a good game. raiders love to feed jacobs..heavily. if they find success with that and rivers plays shitty theyll have little reason to force passes. if rivers plays well and it turns into more of a shootout type game, carr can easily hit 250.

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