NFL's best defense in 2017? Seahawks, Texans, Giants boast loaded units

I actually disagree to some extent.

Where I agree:

a) the pass rush should have been better last season. With the talent they have. 10th in pressure rate isnt enough

Where I disagree

a) Frank Clark has monster All Pro caliber potential and is already very good.

b) Clark and Avril were top 10 in PFFs pass rush productity rating(factors in QB hits, pressures etc). Michael Bennett before last year was top 10 4 straight seasons and not that far out in an injury riddled 2016.

There might be at MOST 1-2 teams who have 3 level of pass rushers like this.

c) The past 3 years PFF has charted Michael Bennett as taking 50-60% of his snaps as either a 5 tech or closer to the line. Frank Clark also can rush from inside:


They charted about 25-30% of his snaps coming inside and that would be my best guess for how he was used also generally all year

So you have two really good interior pass rushers on passing downs. That's better than >80% of the league

d) The only area they dont have a source of interior pass rush is on early downs. But guess what? The number of teams that have a 3 tech who truly provides top end pass rush is under 10.

And the Seahawks have two top edge rushers on early downs. So to me in many ways complaining about interior pass rush on early downs is like complaining about only having say 8 All Pros on defense instead of 9. It's just such a rather small concern in the grand scheme of things. If all 3 are healthy.....I really am not worried about the Hawks pass rush.

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